My eQuals documents are authentic, tamper-evident, and legally valid. Universities across Australia and New Zealand who have been approved to use My eQuals employ advanced security and operational procedures to produce and certify these digital documents. The underlying systems have been independently tested by security experts and documents contain digital signatures that meet the legal standards set by the European Union for authentic electronic documents, which meets and exceeds requirements in Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America.


My eQuals is built on the concept of ‘privacy by design’, an approach that embeds privacy controls into the technical architecture of the system. This is reflected in the following design features.

  • The universities retain control of the student academic records and where this data is stored. There is no central or national database of student records.
  • When a student requests a digital document, the university certifies the accuracy and authenticity of the document before it is released.
  • Only the student or graduate has access to their academic records, no third party can access these records by default.
  • Students or graduates may share their academic records with a third party for a period of time. The student or graduate controls all access to their personal information.
  • Access to electronic transcripts and graduation documents is recorded in an audit trail and reviewed.
  • The university does not know who the student shares their records with.